Our Past & Present

Votera was founded in 2013 with the goal of creating platform with the dual purpose of empowering Voters to more proactively engage in politics and provide a platform for politicians to connect more easily with their constituents. Whereas large campaigns have the ability to hire teams of analysts to understand their constituency, most Americans running for public office lack the resources to truly study their electorate.

Votera as you see it today (we like to call it Votera Mark II) is the cumulative effort of several years of experimentation, testing, feedback, and redesign. Much thanks is owed to Votera’s supporters over the past few years: Marie Campagna, Reed Meyer, Rachel Wang, Alexander Heffner, Ayo Opeyemi, Jaysel Shah, Moyin Opeyemi, and the indefatigable Ash Shrivastav. Without the support of these stalwart advisors and supporters we would not be where we are today.